My roleResearch, UX/UI Design, interactions, Logo illustration 

Romantic novelist website

Kyra Fox
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Redesigning Fox's website so it would have a cleaner and more modern look. 

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Kyra Fox's website had a cumbersome and confusing structure and design. This affected her main goals - increasing her mailing list subscribers number and enabling customers to find info about her books.  Other than that, the website's visual design was outdated and full of redundant details that didn't serve justice to the nature of her books. 

Just a bit of romance...

Kyra Fox is an American author, that specialises in writing sex positive love stories with strong female characters, that are designed to empower women. 

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Simplifying the user experience of Kyra Fox's current website, making it seamless for potential customers.


I've planned a simpler and more intuitive user flows that helped users find their way around the site, highlighting the book purchasing options and the mailing lists enrolment.

I've also updated the new website design in a way that would be more suited to the character of her writing and would use a related visual language. 


Competitors research

I have conducted a thorough benchmark research, analysing authors' websites from various genres.

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David Sedaris 

Clean, modern and minimalistic design.

Clear, informative top menu.

Personal bio that potentially engages readers.

Jess Michaels

Clear, easy and coherent user journey 

Well structured and well organised book list

Over detailed, confusing navigation menu.


Stephie Smith

Archaic, old-fashioned design.

Overload of information, very hard to find what you are looking for​.

Messy UI design, a lot of text with no pictures and tiny spaces.

Competitors research conclusions 


Main navigation items 

For instance, most websites included an "about" section regarding the authors themselves, in order to create engagement with their readers.

 Authors' book list and the way it was presented on the website. Some displayed the book names only in a long list while others had more details available per book by default. 


Visual language 

Some of the sites were very busy with multiple graphic images & strong colors. 

Others had a cleaner and more modern look. Also, it was apparent that different genres portrayed different visual themes. 

Following the benchmark research, I've conducted an online survey with 58 potential readers.

Online survey
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Survey goal

A better understanding of Fox's main target audience.

What would make her readers and site visitors register to 

her mailing list (one of the author's main goals).

Survey conclusions

Fox's main target audience was women around the ages of 28-55. 

Most of the participants did not want to give their email address, but were inclined to do so when a free book was offered to them.


Two personas were developed based on the data that was gathered and analysed. This was done in order to understand and characterise repeating users' behaviours and motivations that could be used to inform the design process. 

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The two example personas were a divided to a "casual user", that will occasionally check out Fox's website, and a "professional" one that will be a regular visitor.

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Detailed Wireframes
UI design process

Following the research I have made, I planned the new website based on wireframes I made. 

The final Design 

My first step was to create a new logo that was outdated. Following that, I've constructed a color scheme to match the author's style: warm, sexy and vibrant. 

Homepage & Registration to newsletter

Kyra Fox's homepage features her mailing list promotion, and the book series she wants to promote.

Her navigation menu is short and clear.

The banner leads to a form for those who register to her mailing list, and the opportunity to get a free book.

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The website's bookstore features all of 

Fox's books. Clicking on each of them leads to the book-page , that features all the purchasing possibilities.

Other features are a short summary and a link to the book's first chapter (intended to increase books purchasing).  

Master list

Kyra fox maintain a community of book bloggers that get first glimpse of any new book she publishes, in order to get their review on the several platforms that the books are being sold.

she always aspires to add more book lovers to that community. 

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About page

The former website didn't have an about page. Following my research I got to the conclusion that in order to attract potential readers, that page is a must. 

Readers find it more relatable when they know a bit more about the author personal life and personality. 

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Color pallet