A Fruit & Vegetables Scanning App

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Give everybody fresh fruit and veg! 

As a part of my UX/UI studies at the Netcraft academy I've planned and designed an app that would help users select fresh fruit and vegetables while doing their shopping, by scanning them and understanding the level of ripeness of each item.

Goals and challenges

As I was planning to design an app from scratch, first of all I wanted to validate if there is an actual need for it. Following that I've aspired to plan and design a simple app that users would find easy to use as they're doing their shopping. Although simplicity was key, I've also put emphasis on a modern and fun visual design that would appeal to potential users.

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My research began with competitors research. 

Apparently, there are two apps that allow users to test if fruit and vegetables are fresh and ripe, and both are focused solely on wholesalers and farmers. 


Competitors research

Following that I built a questionnaire that was sent to a group of 70 participants, aiming to find out whether the app is actually something that they would use. I also used this questionnaire to find out which functions users would prefer while using such app.


All participants answered they throw fruit and 

vegetables on a 

regular basis, and 

would be happy

not to do that 

65% of the participants eat between 1 to 3 pieces of fruit a day


All participants have

expressed their will

to eat healthier & base a large part of their

diet on fruit & vegetables 


40% of the participants eat salad as a part of their meals every day


Most participants would be happy to use their mobile

phones in the process

of food shopping 

62% of the participants are between the ages of 30

to 60


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Two personas were developed based on the data that was gathered and analysed. This was done in order to identify the prospective repeating users' behaviours and their motivations and also to plan the app so it will be the most efficient for the users.

One was considered the "Casual user", that would potentially open the app only at the shop.

The other was considered the "Professional user" that would potentially use the app on a regular basis in different contexts.

User Flow and sketches 

Based on my research and personas, I've built the main user flows for my app. While I kept these simple, they supported both casual users and also more professional users. Based on these, I've drawn rough sketches for the app's main pages. 

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Detailed Wireframes 

Based on the the user flows and initial sketches, I've created detailed wireframes that were later prototyped and tested on potential users in order to identify potential issues early on and understand if the user flows are clear. Based on the tests results, adjustments were made to the initial wireframes. 

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I have also designed onboarding wireframes that explained in a few short steps the app's concept and the way to use it. 

UI Design process

As part of the initial design process, I've tried a few concepts for the app. Each concept was tested on a small group of potential users that were part of the group that answered my questionnaire before. 

My goals were to understand which design concept appealed the most to potential users but was also perceived to be subtle, clean and straightforward.  

The final design

At the beginning I used a more illustrated whimsical approach. However, users found realistic pictures of the fruit & vegetables to be a better and more helpful representation of the actual purchase they were going to make. 

Early design 



When opening the app, the first screen offers to either sign in, sign up or continue as a guest, with no strings attached.

When signed in

user can handle their profile and maintain a favourites list and reminders for upcoming event (i.e a fruit or veg that ripens).

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Fruit & Veg selection

Prior to scanning the item, the app asks the user to pick an item from the list.

The categories very between Most popular, Fruit and vegetables.

While choosing a category the user can add items to their favourites list.

Choosing from favourites list

Prior to scanning the item, the app asks the user to pick an item from the list.

The categories very between Most popular, Fruit and vegetables.

While choosing a category the user can add items to their favourites list.


Scan and results

after scanning the chosen item, a screen with the item relevant  attributes will come up, helping the user to decide weather they should purchase it.


When a user decides to purchase a fruit or veg that will only ripen later, they can set a reminder in the app. 

That's a great way not to throw away items! 

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Typography - Spartan 
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Color Pallet