I'm Noga. 

UX/UI Designer & Illustrator with a background in project management and data analysis.
I'm based in Tel-Aviv, IL.

UX, UI design

FreshEat is an app that scans fruit and vegetables and informs the shopper if they're ripe and ready to eat, or, if the shopper prefers to plan ahead, notify the shopper when the fruit or vegetable will ripen.

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Kyra Fox

UX, UI & Logo design

Kyra Fox is an erotic romance author.

I have redesigned Fox's website and give it a refreshed and modern look. Emphasis was also placed on planning a seamless experience that would enable users to easily purchase books and subscribe to the author's mailing list. 

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The babysitting center

UX, UI design

The Babysitting center app is planned to help busy parents find a sitter that is verified and vetted, but most importantly recommended by the users' social circle (facebook friends, instagram followers and phone contacts).

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